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[Polypropylene thread can be made into kite thread]
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Polypropylene thread can be made into kite thread.

The kite lines on the market are divided into wool, silk, fishing and aviation lines. The materials are mostly acrylic and polypropylene materials. The diameter of these lines is about 0.2 mm and the texture is tough. Don't look at the diameter of the kite string is only about 0.2 mm, but the tension is very amazing, unless cut with scissors, the string will not break. At present, the commonly used kite lines are mainly white and gray, translucent, and very thin.

Polypropylene wire has high strength, anti-aging, anti-aging, and is not easy to break and strong tension when used for kite wire. However, it should be noted that the polypropylene line kite line is still very dangerous if used improperly. So we need to choose open areas, especially avoid places like highways and railways.

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