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[For polypropylene high strength silk dyeing is difficult, how to break the game?]
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As we all know, the application of polypropylene high strength yarn in our lives has been very extensive, but because of the difficulty of polypropylene dyeing, polypropylene high-strength yarn still has certain limitations in some areas, especially in clothing fabric, although there is no way to solve this dilemma, but Jiatai has mastered the method to improve this phenomenon, below, Jiatai will give you a brief introduction.

Polypropylene does not contain chemical groups that can be combined with dyes in the macromolecular structure, so it is difficult to dye polypropylene high strength yarn.

Usually the melt coloring method is used, the pigment preparation and polypropylene polymer are uniformly mixed in the screw extruder, and the colored fiber is obtained by melt spinning with high color fastness. The other single method is to copolymerize or graft copolymerize with acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, vinylpyridine, etc., so that the polymer macromolecules can be introduced to the good groups that can be combined with dyes, and then directly dyeing by conventional methods. Various additives are often added to improve dyeing, light resistance and fire resistance during the production of polypropylene high strength yarn.

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