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[2024 Greater Bay Area yarn show wind strength sails]
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Tidal Bay Area, the wind is blowing. The Greater Bay Area International Textile and Yarn Fair (hereinafter referred to as "2024yarnexpo Greater Bay Area Yarn Fair") opened in Hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian District) on June 5th, jointly organized with the Greater Bay Area International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo and the Greater Bay Area International Knitting Expo, "one-stop" connecting upstream and downstream markets. Realize the industry-wide linkage of market expansion and business cooperation.

This exhibition is divided into creative fancy yarn, luxury cashmere yarn, quality yarn, functional chemical fiber area and popular cotton spinning area five professional exhibition areas, from high-quality pure cotton yarn to green fiber yarn, from functional yarn to fashion fancy yarn, 2024yarnexpo Greater Bay Area yarn exhibition can be said to be fully available. It can be seen that spinning enterprises through innovative raw material combination form and spinning process, give small yarn more rich "connotation" function, but also actively expand the market, use the exhibition platform, share the "bay" road overtaking new business opportunities.

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