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[Polypropylene high strength wire procurement manufacturers see Jiatai]
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"Jiatai" brand polypropylene high strength yarn specifications 300D-5000D, color can be customized according to customer requirements. Polypropylene high-strength yarn products themselves have the characteristics of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, heat absorption and small specific gravity (0.91), high breaking strength, low elongation, environmental protection and pollution-free, so polypropylene high-strength yarn is widely used in fire hose, sling, seat belt, conveyor belt, woven geotextile, industrial thread, cable, industrial filter cloth, etc. It is a new ideal material for potential generation of polyester, nylon, ethylene fiber, nylon and glass fiber.

Characteristics of polypropylene high strength yarnt.

1. Shape: The vertical surface of polypropylene high strength silk is straight and smooth, and the cross-section is circular.

2. Density: Polypropylene high strength yarn has the advantage of light texture.

3. Strong elongation: high strength polypropylene high strength filament, large elongation, high initial modulus, excellent elasticity. So polypropylene wear resistance is good. The wet strength of polypropylene is basically equal to the dry strength, so it is the ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.

4. Hygroscopicity and dyeability: light weight and good heat preservation.

5. Acid and alkali resistance: polypropylene high-strength filament has good chemical resistance, so it is suitable for use as filter materials and packaging materials.

6. The electrical insulation of high strength polypropylene filament is good.

Seven. High strength: wear resistance elasticity is also good, good chemical stability.

"Jiatai" brand polypropylene high-strength wire products have small color difference, good color fastness, high strength, widely used in decorative belts, safety belts, sign lines and so on.

The company's products are made of high strength polypropylene polypropylene wire sewing bag line, cable line, sewing ball line, bag line, banknote string, container bag line and so on.

Jiatai mainly produces polypropylene twisted yarn, polypropylene wire, polypropylene industrial yarnpolypropylene high strength yarn and high strength polypropylene yarn, etc. If you want to know more about our products, please contact Manager Zeng 189 1207 299 website:

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