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[Textile high training class into Xining]
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Xining, an ancient plateau city with a long history, is the gateway from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Central Plains, and the place where the ancient "Silk Road" South Road and the "Tangbo Road" must pass through. It is not only a bright "plateau pearl", It has also cultivated Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Xining Co., LTD., which has been selected as the top ten super projects of central enterprises, Shengyuan Carpet Group Co., LTD., which has made characteristic industries go to the world, and Qinghai Qingembroidery digital Headquarters.

From June 29 to 30, the 2024 National Textile Composite Talent Training Program advanced training class came to Xining, walked into the headquarters of Zhongfu Shenying (Xining), Shengyuan Carpet, Qingxiu to visit and exchange, and conducted in-depth study and discussion on topics such as high-performance fiber types, manufacturing processes, structural properties and application scenarios, and the digitalization of special animal fiber industry.

High performance fiber: the "light work" secret of modern industry

New materials are the chassis technology of national economic development, as the vanguard of the new material revolution, high-performance fiber and composite materials with light weight, high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and other excellent performance, is the strategic key material of new physical and chemical equipment, the formation of subversive new capabilities, is to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, shaping strategic emerging industries. From aerospace to rail transit, from wind power generation to bridge construction, from Marine engineering to sports and leisure, high-performance fibers and composite materials are everywhere, which can be described as the "light work" secret of modern industry.

In the course "High-performance Fiber Types, Manufacturing Processes, Structural Properties and Applications", Xu Lianghua, director of the Institute of Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and director of the National Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center, systematically introduced the development history of high-performance carbon fiber, high-performance organic fiber (aramid, PBO fiber, polyaryl ester fiber, polyimide fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber), high-performance ceramic fiber (silicon carbide fiber, alumina fiber) at home and abroad Current situation, production technology, fiber characteristics and application fields; The paper focused on sharing the raw material system, raw filament technology system, solvent system, spinning process, preparation technology, industrial chain technology system, innovation in application fields, and development opportunities under the "double carbon" pattern, and discussed the technical problems and industrialization concepts such as poor use of domestic carbon fiber (capacity engineer-quality engineering).

Why is carbon fiber so important in high-performance fibers? "Carbon fiber and its composite material is a new type of dual-use material related to national strategic security, is a typical representative of leading structural material reform, and from the application point of view, it is a kind of towering material." Xu Lianghua explains it this way.

In the past 20 years, China's carbon fiber industry has developed rapidly and solved prominent national strategic problems. As a deep participant in the process of carbon fiber localization, Xu Lianghua is most proud that China has established a full range of carbon fiber technology and products of independent security system, domestic carbon fiber technology has a systematic characteristics: viscose-based, bitumen based, PAN based three kinds of carbon fiber complete; Formed DMSO-based, DMAc and NaSCN jointly participated in the original silk technology system (DMSO technology was conquered by Xu Lianghua's team); Wet-spinning and dry-wet spinning, small tow and large tow processes support product diversification; High strength, high strength medium mold, high mold, high strength high mold series complete, innovation is effective; Fiber, auxiliary materials, evaluation and characterization, equipment development, application services are promoted in an all-round way.

For the future development of high-performance fibers, Xu Lianghua specifically mentioned to pay more attention to value and application, taking carbon fiber as an example, to improve product value through the use of high-end areas, in addition to wind power, nuclear power, solar energy, energy storage four key areas to play a better role; At the same time, we should pay more attention to the application of service characterization technology.

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