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[Shaoxing modern textile industry cluster successfully ranked among the national top 100!]
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On May 20, the reporter learned that the China Private Economic Research Association and other institutions recently jointly released the "2024 China Private Economy 100 Industrial Clusters Research Report", Shaoxing modern textile industry cluster successfully ranked among the top 100 in the country.

The list takes more than 2,000 private economic industrial clusters in the country as the research object, sets six entry criteria, and on this basis, evaluates 29 indicators in 5 dimensions, including innovation ability, clustering degree, green and low-carbon, development potential, and openness level.

This list fully demonstrates the strong development tenacity and huge development potential of Keqiao textile industry.

Textile industry is the pillar industry of Keqiao and the industry of enriching the people. All along, Keqiao District has always adhered to the goal requirements of "truly building the textile market and doing a good job in the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry", and constantly promoted the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry towards internationalization, fashion and digitalization. At present, it has formed three core advantages of "market + industry + science and technology innovation", and achieved the double improvement of the quantity and quality of the textile industry. Last year, "Keqiao Textile" became the country's first textile regional brand worth 100 billion, and the region's modern textile and clothing cluster achieved revenue of 124.3 billion yuan.

Walking in the market of China Textile City, merchants come and go, fabrics are dazzling, and you can feel the good trend of market prosperity and development everywhere.

In recent years, Keqiao District has adhered to open development, given full play to the role of market procurement trade and cross-border e-commerce, launched the city's first China-Europe train "Shaoxing Keqiao", and held high-level exhibitions with international influence such as the annual meeting of the International Federation of Textiles, the World Fabric Conference, and the Textile Expo. At present, China Textile City has become the world's largest and most comprehensive textile professional market, with a total of more than 37,000 households, including more than 16,000 trading companies, sales network across 210 countries and regions, ranking first in the national textile professional market for 33 consecutive years, China Textile City's total annual turnover of more than 360 billion yuan.

As a "city on cloth", there are more than 8,000 textile enterprises in Keqiao District, including more than 900 textile enterprises on the regulation, absorbing more than 200,000 employees, forming a covering of textile raw materials and materials in the upstream, printing and dyeing, weaving, equipment in the middle, clothing and clothing in the downstream, home textiles and home furnishings. And through the whole industry chain of creative fashion, service trade and other complete large textile industry chain.

Especially in recent years, Keqiao District in accordance with the "green high-end, world leading" target positioning, strong promotion of printing and dyeing industry cluster upgrading project, has built the country's largest green printing and dyeing base, per mu tax increased from less than 80,000 yuan before the cluster to 224,000 yuan, of which, in the past three years, the region's printing and dyeing enterprises per unit energy consumption increased by an average annual growth of 6.7%. The average annual growth rate of tax per unit of energy consumption is 11%, and the printing and dyeing industry has achieved a jump from "overwhelming" to "sky-high" development.

To transform and upgrade traditional industries, scientific and technological innovation is the fundamental driving force. In recent years, our district has built a large number of science and technology innovation platforms such as China Textile Institute, academician's Home, foreign high-end talent innovation cluster, printing and dyeing industry engineers Collaborative innovation Center, among which the provincial modern textile Technology Innovation Center, as one of the first six technological innovation centers in the province, has settled 10 academician teams, and has a total of 138 key science and technology projects. The transformation of scientific and technological achievements has been further accelerated.

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