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[Polypropylene twisted yarn can be made into carpets]
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Polypropylene twist yarn material has the following characteristics: anti-aging, good acid and alkali resistance, high strength and impact resistance, thermal absorption and small specific gravity (0.91) characteristics, high breaking strength, low elongation, environmental protection and pollution-free. In general, the specifications of polypropylene twist yarn are 300D-5000D, the twist is 30-500 twist, the annual uniform, and there is no joint, so the polypropylene twist yarn is used to make carpet is best.

Polypropylene twisted silk can be made into a comfortable carpet, polypropylene twisted silk carpet thickness moderate, good elasticity. The pile on the carpet is firm and delicate, the feet feel soft and comfortable, it is not easy to hide ash and easy to clean, wear-resistant and moisture-proof, even in winter sitting on the carpet, you can enjoy the comfort and warmth it brings.

Polypropylene twisted silk woven fabric with high strength, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, good moisture absorption and other characteristics, in the market polypropylene twisted silk carpet is welcomed by everyone, carpet light quality, high strength, good elasticity, low production cost, and polypropylene twisted silk raw materials rich, cheap, Moreover, after adjusting the content of components, it also has the effect of flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, wear-resistant, sound insulation, antistatic and sound absorption.

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