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[How to develop the new textile material industry? Find the answer in this lecture~]
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On the afternoon of August 22, the Industry Lecture for Leading Cadres of Peixian County was held in the small auditorium of the County Administrative Center. Wu Hao, Su Wei, Jie Yuehua, Zhang Changying, Xu Xingchang and Ma Hui attended. Yang Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the County Economic Development Zone, gave a special report on "Development of Textile New Material Industry".

Yang Qi analyzed the textile industry in our county from four aspects: domestic and foreign, the development of the textile industry in Jiangsu Province and our county, the development of the state-supported textile industry, the development of new textile materials, and the future direction of the development of the new textile material industry in Pei County. The international situation, domestic environment, and regional endowments faced by the development, and proposed targeted countermeasures and suggestions for the next development.

The report will point out

Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, it is necessary to persevere in the "two articles" of optimization of increments and optimization of stocks, further increase investment in the industrial chain, increase the cultivation of key backbone enterprises, and steadily improve the driving force of industrial clusters and the integration of the industrial chain. Through the development of new textile materials industry, the traditional industrial structure will be optimized and improved.

The textile enterprises on the regulations should strengthen their confidence in development, strengthen cooperation, and strive to open up the market, and strive to minimize the impact of the epidemic;

It is necessary to actively adjust the product structure, focus on technological innovation, green development and the information market, and expand the space for enterprise development;

We must be determined to explore the extension from spinning to weaving to shape the company's product and scale advantages, so as to enhance competitiveness and resistance;

It is necessary to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, persist in lifelong learning, overcome difficulties, and truly realize the transformation from a company to an entrepreneur, so as to gather efforts to innovate, become bigger and stronger.

County Economic Development Zone, Peibei Development Zone, various towns (fields) and sub-districts, and relevant functional departments should promote the three styles, take responsibility, seize the opportunity of industrial transformation, promote the deepening of the industrial chain with project clusters, and make breakthroughs with "business invitation" "Double strokes and double quotes."

The county economic development zone and the Peibei development zone should speed up the introduction of a number of new projects with large investment scale and strong driving efficiency, and are committed to optimizing the business environment, focusing on the obstacles, pain points, and difficulties of enterprise development, especially financing and market. For difficult problems, take the initiative to serve the frontier, study more pragmatic and effective measures, enhance the sense of enterprise acquisition, and ensure that the beneficial enterprise policy is effective, so as to promote the textile industry to a new level and contribute to the high-quality development of the county.

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