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[Polypropylene industrial yarn is very suitable for making fiber products]
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Polypropylene industrial yarn is very suitable for making fiber products

Polypropylene industrial yarn is very suitable for making fiber products, such products include ropes, carpets, upholstery, clothes and so on.

The important characteristics of polypropylene industrial yarn are as follows:

1. Chemical resistance: diluted alkali and acid do not react with PP.

2. Elasticity and toughness: PP is elastic within a certain range of deflection, and will undergo plastic deformation without breaking in the early stage of deformation, so it is usually considered as a "tough" material.

3. Fatigue resistance: PP keeps its shape after a lot of twisting and bending.

4. Insulation: PP material has high resistance and is an insulating material.

5. Transmittance: It can be made into transparent color, but it is usually made into natural opaque color with certain color transmittance.

Polypropylene industrial yarn is relatively easy to obtain and cheap, so in general, polypropylene industrial yarn is a good material and an ideal choice for making many products.

Huaian Jiatai polypropylene industrial yarn, specifications 300D-5000D, color can be customized according to customer requirements. Jiatai polypropylene industrial yarn has the characteristics of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, heat shrinkage and small specific gravity (0.91), high breaking strength, low elongation, environmental protection and pollution-free, so polypropylene industrial yarn is widely used in fire hoses and suspenders , Safety belts, conveyor belts, woven geotextiles, industrial threads, cables, industrial filter cloth, etc.

In addition to polypropylene industrial yarns, Huaian Jiatai also specializes in polypropylene yarns, polypropylene high-strength yarns, high-strength polypropylene yarns, and polypropylene twisted yarns.

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