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[In July, the domestic and foreign trade markets recovered, and orders for yarn and autumn and winter fabrics are increasing!]
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Following the positive growth of foreign trade imports and exports in June, my country's foreign trade imports and exports continued to achieve both positive growth in July. Among them, the export growth rate continued the previous rapid growth trend and achieved double-digit growth! In terms of monthly performance, as of July, my country’s export business has achieved positive growth for 4 consecutive months (since April) this year.

It is worth noting that the export of epidemic prevention materials has gradually declined. The contribution of the two types of anti-epidemic materials to total exports in July was 2.5 percentage points, a further drop from 3.4 percentage points in June.

Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, many foreign traders finally felt the warmth in July and August, the traditional foreign trade off-season after experiencing the darkest moment of "order shortage" in May and June. From the perspective of the textile market, it is true that the foreign trade textile market has recovered gratifyingly, and many textile bosses have received orders.

Inquiry customers one by one

Orders are also wave after wave

The order for washed velvet and velvet Kosebo is not the same as the previous Zuoji hemp fabric using B-type raw materials, because the price is low and the sales are better. Compared with the usual, the price of this order has not decreased, and there are second purchases. may.

Although the foreign trade market has improved, we must beware of external risks. Nowadays, most of these orders are concentrated in Europe, the Middle East and other places. Relatively speaking, the United States has relatively few orders. The main reason is that the United States has made some moths recently. Sino-US relations are already in danger, but now there are new contradictions. , It will inevitably affect Sino-US trade, and the United States has always been a major exporter of Chinese textiles, and the impact on China’s textile industry is not at all. If the Sino-US issue is not resolved, it will be difficult for foreign trade to fully recover.

In general, the foreign trade market that seems to be improving is still in crisis. The orders placed in Europe and the Middle East alone cannot fully indicate that the foreign trade market has begun to fully recover. This good momentum is not enough without the large number of orders from the United States. All aspects of Vietnamese and European tariffs are related to domestic textile exports, so textile people should still be alert to these crises!

The domestic and foreign trade markets pick

Increase in fabric orders

Traceability from the printing and dyeing market to fabric orders and grey cloth delivery is a bigger focus at present. Fabric orders are mainly from trading companies. Let’s see what changes have taken place in their orders in the past week. It is understood that in the past few days, the order situation of some trading companies has improved, and the frequency of purchasers' orders has increased. The orders placed are mainly autumn and winter fabrics, and the domestic market demand is picking up. In terms of foreign trade, there has also been a certain improvement. Also due to the seasonal demand for autumn and winter fabrics, export orders in some regions have increased.

Heavy volume of autumn and winter fabrics

The grey fabric market is calm

The fabrics for autumn and winter are heavy, and the products are mostly conventional polyester taffeta, nylon spinning, T800, imitation memory, etc. However, the changes in these products in the grey cloth market are minimal, and for weaving companies, the market has not been picking up. Up to now, according to the data monitoring of China Silk, the stock of water spray and air jet grey cloth in Shengze area has been around 45 days, unchanged from mid-July.

Only the weaving company that produces T800 feels the hot sale of T800 grey cloth, and there is no inventory at all. This is due to the recent shortage of raw materials for T800 and limited purchases, and to catch up with this wave of autumn and winter fabrics. The grey fabrics produced are only for market demand, so they will sell hot.

However, for grey fabrics such as polyester taffeta, nylon spinning, and memory-like fabrics, not only the raw materials are abundant, but the grey fabrics overflow in abundance. Under such circumstances, the heavy volume of this round of autumn and winter fabrics is tantamount to sinking into the sea, without splashing water. In the final analysis, the oversupply of grey fabrics has led to the downturn of the entire grey fabric market, and weaving companies have been forced to reduce operations. Due to the problem of supply and demand in the domestic and foreign markets, the grey fabric market has been in a situation of "supply exceeding demand" for a long time, and it is difficult to get rid of the off-season and go on a path of "contrarian upward".

Foreign trader, hold on!

Although the epidemic broke out in a new place in Beijing, it was quickly brought under control. China's control of the epidemic and the speed of economic recovery are better than other countries in the world. From the current point of view, the market has reached a consensus on the economic V-shaped reversal.

China's stable economy and society, coupled with a complete industrial system and infrastructure, make "Made in China" in the post-epidemic era still extremely competitive.

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