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[The raw materials are rising red, and the grey fabrics are falling green!]
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Recently, after the price increase last week, polyester filament yarn started a new round of price increase this week. Although the two increases were not large, they will have a certain impact on downstream weaving enterprises. On the 5th, after the price of polyester yarns rose generally, production and sales exceeded one hundred, and weaving manufacturers were still buying.

 Recently, the autumn and winter fabrics have increased and the printing and dyeing factories have recovered. Now the news of the general rise of polyester yarns seems to have a lot of vitality in the textile market. The news can indeed play a very good role in boosting confidence, but the reality is cruel, and the actual market conditions are not satisfactory.

The price of raw materials fluctuates and the profits of grey fabrics fall again and again

The price of polyester yarn happily increased, but the cloth boss could only cry silently, and the cost increased again. Although the price of polyester yarn after the price increase is still at a low level over the years, the price of grey fabrics today cannot withstand the ups and downs. The price of grey fabrics on the market this year is very chaotic. The only unified tone is that it will only fall but not rise, but there is no lower limit to the decline. It is obvious from the table below that the price of grey fabrics has fallen so severely this year. Let me ask, where is there any profit?

The improvement in clothing demand is not obvious, and the price increase of grey cloth lacks support

Recently, autumn and winter fabrics have begun to increase in quantity, printing and dyeing factories have also begun to be busy, and everything is developing for the better. The editor believes that grey fabrics may increase after the price of polyester yarns rises. However, after some market research, it was found that the cloth boss was eager to increase the price of grey cloth, but he only dared to look forward to it and it was difficult to take action. On the one hand, due to the impact of the general environment, the terminal clothing demand is weak, even if the autumn and winter fabrics are heavy, the impact on the grey fabric market will be minimal. After all, the market is still oversupply, and weaving companies are struggling with inventory, and they are all trying to remove inventory. The market is very competitive. Price wars are currently the only bargaining chip for cloth bosses, and traders buy grey cloth at low prices. Under such circumstances, the price of grey cloth has naturally lost the confidence to increase prices.

The price of grey cloth is difficult to rise, weaving mills are considering taking a holiday and reducing the negative load and accelerating!

It is understood that because the scale of looms transferred to northern Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi and other places in the early stage is generally larger than that of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the inventory accumulation speed is also faster and the impact of market fluctuations is greater. In May, after chemical fiber protective fabric polyester taffeta and pongee became stronger, the start-up of places in northern Jiangsu such as Siyang once rose to about 90%, and many manufacturers even produced at full capacity to seize market orders.

The market is coming and going fast. Entering June, as the market for conventional fabrics gradually fades, many manufacturers are accelerating their tired inventory, and the operations of production reduction and holiday are also gradually opening. At present, the start of the manufacturers is generally not high. The high one is between 60% and 70%, and the low one is already in the holiday stage.

Inventory surges, price cuts, and sell-offs are accelerating!

With the increasing inventory of manufacturers, fabric prices have become lower and lower. Under the dual impact of the epidemic and the traditional off-season, the upstream and downstream production-to-sales ratio of the industrial chain has declined, and the financial pressure on enterprises is even greater, especially for weaving bosses, who need cash to buy raw materials on the one hand, and on the other hand, the payment return period has been extended and increased. The difficulty of capital turnover.

Affected by the epidemic this year, the imbalance between supply and demand in the market has weakened the bargaining power of weaving manufacturers. In an environment where there is a lot of money, fabric manufacturers can only retain customers by letting customers "get goods in arrears". Although this kind of operation is not new in the textile industry, this year, due to the poor terminal consumption and poor overseas economic environment, the bottom-up capital return cycle has been prolonged, which has further expanded the proportion of enterprises themselves.

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