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[The recent market style is a bit "unpredictable"]
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How much is left in 2020? one third! For the textile people who have experienced the "most low season in history" for more than half a month, the recent market style is a bit "unpredictable", but there is no doubt that the textile market is partially picking up!

Raw material end

The early stage is negative and smooth, and the pressure on the polyester factory is delayed!

Since entering the off-season, downstream weaving manufacturers have been cautious about the purchase of raw materials and dare not arbitrarily put funds into the raw materials, and there are not many raw materials purchased in the early stage, which has also led to this wave of market.

Whether it is caused by the stimulus of the polyester manufacturers or the weaving manufacturers themselves, this wave of purchases really relieved the polyester manufacturers with high inventories!

Trade side

Both domestic and foreign orders are placed, and the performance of stretch fabrics is eye-catching

In late July, the textile market broke the shackles of the "off season", and good news came out of the market. Many textile bosses said: "This wave of market is caught off guard, finally let us go some goods!"

According to the monitoring data of China Silk, the trading atmosphere in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets has improved compared with the previous period. The sales are mostly concentrated in autumn and winter fabrics. Both domestic and foreign markets have performed well, especially in the domestic market.

In addition to the better elastic performance, orders for other conventional autumn and winter fabrics are also better than the previous ones, such as Shumei silk and bile cloth for lining, and warp-knitted suede and velvet for sofa. In addition, Medium-thickness clothing fabrics also have a certain performance, especially after special finishing processes are used to make down jackets, cotton clothing and other fabrics, the market proofing and sample performance are better.

This shows that the market has indeed released a positive signal, whether it is the increase in the price of raw materials or the placement of autumn and winter orders, at least the social inventory that has been rising in the early stage is stabilized. In the interviews and surveys conducted by the editor, most of the weaving factories' grey fabric inventories started to slow down or production and sales were able to level off. The inventories of a few manufacturers of marketable products dropped slightly, which also boosted the confidence of market participants.

Overcapacity is still "stuck", and there are still concerns about the overall recovery of the textile market

Regarding this wave of quotations, a few textile bosses think: The quotations are ahead of schedule, and I don't know if it is good or bad!

According to traditional practice, June and July belong to the traditional off-season of textiles, and the phenomenon of load reduction and inventory accumulation are also common in the market.

The difference between this year and previous years is that some companies have experienced a "low demand and high load" situation in the second quarter. Their inventories have reached a high level in recent years, and the pressure on funds is even greater. Therefore, entering mid-June, the market will be closed and closed. The holiday operation has accelerated, and the main cluster load in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has been hovering around 60%, and the lower is around 40%.

Facing the current wave of market conditions, companies with better orders have begun to operate at full capacity, and companies with ordinary orders have also delayed their holiday plans to prepare for the market in August and September, which led to a slight increase in the market load.

This wave of market drove the enthusiasm of manufacturers to produce. If the market outlook continues to improve, then market inventory will slowly decline. If this wave of market is only short-lived, it is likely to exacerbate overcapacity in August.

After all, the current environment is still deeply affected by the epidemic, and the textile industry is still facing the dilemma of slow recovery of terminal consumption, especially the weak foreign trade market, and the poor economy has caused foreign unemployment and the number of bankrupt companies to continue to rise. It can be said that the development of overseas epidemics The impact on the economy, and even the impact on the textile industry, has not diminished over time. In the event of a recurrence of the epidemic in the autumn, it is easy for foreign trade economic activities to "suspend" again.

On the other hand, after the "two sessions", a new development strategy began to appear in everyone’s vision, that is-China’s economic structure will undergo a new round of major changes, and the domestic trade market with 1.4 billion consumer groups will be It has been mentioned frequently that it is good for the textile industry to promote.

On the whole, today’s textile market is standing at a crossroads. Whether the market will improve to the left or weaken to the right is still unpredictable. In the current situation of long and short coexistence, textile companies still need to rationally arrange funds according to their own order situation. The status of the inventory.

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