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[Note to foreign trade companies: Ports of many countries are congested or closed, and textile orders are again "broken"!]
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Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released my country’s economic data for the first half of the year. Some of the data have clearly begun to improve, but the data on our textile and garment industry is not optimistic.

The bleak state of the textile industry has begun to take shape from the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic overseas. The lack of overseas markets throughout the first half of the year has made competition in the "limited cake" domestic market more intense, and various textile data have also performed extremely badly. But the pessimistic situation is far more than just the surface of the data, or not just the first half of the year, the recent market risks still exist!

Suspension of services and rebound of the epidemic brought congestion to ports

With the unblocking of European and North American societies and increasing activities, ports in these areas are facing increasing traffic congestion.

Although shipping companies have cancelled a large number of voyages in the past few months, the rebound in demand means an increase in the utilization of sailing ships, which has caused a sudden peak of activity in the port. And began to affect land operations, especially trucks entering and leaving the port. Some ports have reported that it will take several days for terminals and terminal gates to return to normal, and the number of lost cargoes is also increasing.

The sluggish economic activity triggered by the new crown epidemic has exacerbated global market turmoil and caused global trade to shrink.

The situation of orders being "broken" still exists, and textile and apparel companies still lack confidence in the market!

According to the practice in the textile industry, customers will predict the next order volume. After all, it will take three or four days from placing an order to shipping. Customers who want their customers to get the goods early will usually go to the manufacturer early. Place an order over there.

Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic, the number of orders has been reduced by more than half compared with previous years. Large orders of hundreds of thousands of meters and millions of meters are even rarer. It is precisely because of this, the greater the risk of the textile industry this year!

Irregular port congestion and orders being "broken" from time to time are not only intuitive feedback on the current and past poor textile market, but also a serious blow to the market's confidence in the future textile market. The entire textile industry will find it harder to face the changing market in the future. .

Overstock inventory is difficult to sell, and the future will still be fiercely competitive

Even with the most optimistic estimates and the time for stocking up in advance, such a lackluster market will last at least three months, and how much inventory will grow before the market improves, and whether the capital chain can be maintained It becomes a huge challenge for textile companies.

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